Disability Benefits After a Stroke

Having your disability claim denied is not a pleasant experience, and if you have a legitimate claim, should not be taken lightly.  That being said, keep in mind that getting angry at the people that denied it will not do anything for your claim except potentially make it more difficult to receive benefits.  When a stroke disability claim is filed to an insurance company, it immediately is looked over by an employee in the claims processing department.  These employees, however, are not allowed to subjectively look at every claim.  Over recent years, the disability insurance landscape has become almost monopolized with a small number of huge insurance companies.  Due to this, the rules of looking at claims have changed.  Instead of looking at every disability claim fairly, employees at insurance companies often have quotas of disability claims that they have to deny to earn a stipend or bonus in pay.  In even more extreme situations, employees are required to send the “disability claim denied” letters out or they risk losing their job.  In today’s economy especially, these employees are stuck doing something that they would most likely not do if they had the choice.

The blame truly falls on the executives of the insurance companies that have become more profit hungry than caring for their customers.  Instead of worrying about their reputation and customers, the powers-at-be of the insurance companies know that they have essentially monopolized the market and that if you want to file a private disability income claim for benefits, you have to go through them.  If you are put in the unfortunate and tragic position of having your disability claim denied, do not get angry at the employees in the claims processing department of your insurance company.  Chances are, they are not bad people at all, but rather they are being forced to fill quotas of denied disability claims.

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