Back Pain Disability Claim

Before filing a back pain disability claim for benefits from your disability insurance company, it is important for you to consider the possibilities that lie ahead of you.  Once your claim goes into the claims processing department of the insurance company, it is almost impossible to know how exactly your journey is going to end.  That being said, you can prepare for as many of those endings as you can.  Obviously, the best outcome would be the insurance company gives you all of the benefits that you requested, allowing you to continue on living life as normally as you can with whatever disability impaired your ability to work.  Another outcome that you need to consider is what if the insurance company gives you benefits, but not the full amount?  Do you have some money saved up or somewhere where you can get money to replace the lost income?  The last possibility that you need to consider is if you have your disability claim denied.  This is probably the worst potential outcome for your disability claim, but also the one that you need to prepare for the most.

If you do not prepare for the possibility that you could have your private disability income claim denied and the insurance company lets you know that they denied your claim, it is impossible to move quickly enough to get the money that you need.  If you have a plan in place before even applying, the outcome would still not be desirable, but you would be able to keep an income during the next step.  If you decide to appeal the insurance company’s decision, you need money to hold you and your family over through that short period of time.  Protect yourself from being blindsided by the insurance company’s decision of having your disability claim denied and prepare beforehand.

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